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Hyperlipidemia as a Predictive Risk Factor for Cardiovascular disease and Stroke

Aladeen Alloubani, Abdulmoneam Ahmad Saleh and Ibrahim Abdelhafiz

Background: Cardiovascular diseases and stroke are becoming the main challenge in the healthcare field, and this has required the study of their risk factors.

Aim: The aim of this study is to assess the hyperlipidaemia as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Method: Published clinical trials of hyperlipidemia studies were recognized by a search of EMBASE and MEDLINE databases with keywords hyperlipidemia, stroke or cardiovascular disease, or prospective study, and meta-analysis. 

Results: Cardiovascular and stroke prevention begin with recognizing their risk factors, many randomized trials of statins have revealed a decrease in the chance of cardiovascular diseases and stroke linked to the decrease in the lipid intensity.

Conclusion: After the summarized of all the studies stated in this review, it can be recognized that hyperlipidemia is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and stroke and correlated in patients with atherosclerosis.