Nursing & Care


Nursing and Social Justice

Taylor A.J.W Ph.D

Introduction: Nursing is an honorable profession that has gained national and international status for responding to the needs of the population in times of crisis. With roots in religion and philanthropy, its charitable work received approbation beyond measure, as its purveyors strove to apply limited resources to the service of mankind. 

Over the centuries, as populations grew, national governments assumed greater responsibility in the health sector of their domains. Medical science developed, the prevention of disease became an issue, technology brought refinement in hospital care, and the training of nurses intensified. Yet the profession retained the richness of tits noble tradition.

To exemplify the continuity of values, Megan-Jane Johnstone, Professor of Health Education at Melbourne’s Deakin University, was taken with my reflections on social justice. Accordingly the crux of the thesis is presented here, by invitation, to see if it resonates with others in the nursing profession [1-4].