Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine


Laparoscopic Management of Acute Abdomen Due To an Isolated Torsion Right Fallopian Tube Caused By Morgagni Hydatid Cyst in a Virgin Girl with 17 Years Old

Elmahaishi HA, Elmahaishi WM and Elmahaishi MS

Twisted isolated right fallopian tube caused by right paratubal cyst of morgagni is rare, however, it should be kept in the mind of the Gyneacologist when faced any case presenting with acute lower abdominal pain. This case is 17 years old virgin girl who was presented to our gynaecological outpatient department of Lamis Clinic with severe right iliac fosse pain and vomiting. She was diagnosed as twisted paratubal cyst whose torsion was led to spontaneous torsion of right fallopian tube. She was managed by laparoscopic surgery. The para-tubal cyst by ultrasound was measured 8x6 CM with no clear Echo and clear normal bilateral ovaries. A laparoscopy surgery was done which showed a large gangrenous para-tubal cyst with secondary complication of right twisted fallopian tube. The cyst was aspirated and excised completely and the right tube reverses it twisting to the normal. The cyst was benign in nature.