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Effectiveness of “Naik Becak” Song as Music Therapy for Preoperative Anxiety by Nursing Approach

Riksa Wibawa Resna, Muslika Linda Suwarno.

Statement of the Problem: Surgery is an experience that can cause anxiety that usually associated with a variety of foreign procedures that will be undertaken by the patient during surgery and various threats to life safety procedures and the actions resulting from anesthesia. Anxiety that occurs in patients with pre-surgery may have an impact on the physical changes that would hold over the implementation of surgery such as increased blood pressure and emotional instability. Music is one way that is believed to lower anxiety levels. Indonesia has a wealth of cultural songs that very much. One of the songs known by Indonesian people is the delightful children's song known as "naik becak". This song describe the picture of how fun the mood of a child when doing recreation using a pedicab. With the theme song that describes the fun atmosphere, the researchers hope to bring the mood of patients who will undergo surgery to be happy. This study is intended to look at the effectiveness of music medicine to decrease the patient's level of anxiety in facing surgery. 

Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Using an experimental quasi design with a one group pre-test and posttest design, the researchers conducted anxiety-level assessment to all patients who would perform elective surgery.

Findings: From total patients undergoing elective surgery showed that 96% patients had decreased anxiety level with mean rank 23.81, sum-rank 1071.5 and p-value 0.000. Patients who experienced an anxiety drop felt that the song "naik becak" was played out to make them feel good and bring fond memories of their pleasant childhood.

Conclusion & Significance: Subjects feel the benefits of melody medicine is conducted in the form of a decrease in the level of anxiety before undergoing surgery. Recommendations are using music medicine in the management of patients with anxiety.