Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine


Endometrial Volume Assessment by VOCAL as a Predictor of The Success Rate of ART

Wael .S. Nossair

Objective: To explore the role of estimating endometrial volume by Virtual Organ Computer-aided AnaLysis (VOCAL) and it's correlation with endometrial thickness, on the day of hCG, in prediction of IVF/ICSI success. 

Patients and Methods: It was a prospective study that was carried out at Zagazig University Hospitals, and Agial Fertility Center. Endometrial thickness and volume were measured in women undergoing an IVF/ICSI cycle, on the day of HCG, using the 3D transvaginal ultrasound probe. women were divided as regards to endometrial volume calculated into 3 subgroups; < 3ml, 3-5ml, and >5ml, also according to endometrial thickness into 3 groups; <7mm, 7-12mm and >12mm. Success rate of IVF/ICSI was compared between all groups.

Results: the number of pregnancies and pregnancy rates in each subgroup and differences were found to be non significant. A non-significant difference in the mean endometrial volume but significant mean endometrial thickness in the pregnant as compared to the non-pregnant group. 

Conclusions: Endometrial thickeness on day of hCG is a better predictor of success rate of IVF/ICSI cycles than endometrial volume.