Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine


Successful Pregnancy Outcome in Retrograde Ejaculation – Interesting Case Report

Kaberi Banerjee, Bhavana Singla, Akanksha Mishra, Kiran.

Retrograde ejaculation is a most common cause for ejaculatory dysfunction and it accounts for 0.3-2% of male infertility. It is a condition in which no or minimal antegrade ejaculate is produced although orgasm is present and all the sensations of ejaculation may be present. The common etiologies are surgical causes (Bladder neck surgery, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection surgery for testicular cancer or prostate surgery), Medications (high blood pressure, prostate enlargement and depression) and Nerve damage causes (Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease or a spinal cord injury).

In our case report, 25-years-old female presented with primary infertility with regular periods and ultrasound showed polycystic pattern of ovary. Husband semen analysis showed aspermia with history of cloudy urine. The diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation was made. The sperms collected from urine showed low count and motility and IVF with ICSI was advised. The female became pregnant in first cycle only and ultrasound showed single live fetus.