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Giant Acrochordon Arising from Scrotum: An Uncommon Presentation

Evi Mustikawati Arifin, Astrid Laurentia Harianto, Suswardana.

Background: Acrochordons have an irregular or smooth surface and most commonly located on eye lids, neck, axillae, trunk, groin, and on the lumbar area. There are a few case reports of giant acrochordons including one reported on male external genitalia.

Case Report: A 50-year-old man with a pedunculated mass, diameter 9 cm, arising from right scrotum since 3 years ago. Body mass index was 27.3 kg/m2. There was no pain, redness and no ulceration. The lesion was totally removed with CO2 laser under local anesthesia. Diagosis was confirmed by histopathological examination.

Discussion: The predisposising factor in this patient is obesity. Acrochordon can be removed with electrodesiccation, curved or serrated blade scissors, cryotherapy or even laser surgery. CO2 laser surgery under local anesthesia in this patient was cosmetically acceptable by simple procedure.

Summary: According to our search using PubMed Journal. This case so far is the largest acrochordon arising from scrotum and successfully treated using CO2 laser.