International Journal of Oral Health & Dental Management


Evaluation of Initial Clinical Training: A Survey within the Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry of Casablanca

Mahdoud FZ, Amzyl FZ, Hamza M, Bennani A.

Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the initial clinical program among graduates of the Faculty of Dental medicine of Casablanca (FDMC), previously received during their training at the Dental Treatment and Consultation Center (DTCC).

Materials and Methods: Through a cross-sectional descriptive study, 106 graduates were interviewed, namely, doctoral students of the year 2015-2016, interns and residents of the DTCC in practice during the year 2015-2016, as well as the private practitioners installed in Casablanca between 2010 and 2015. A twenty questions survey was designed to collect the required information for the present study.

Discussion: The evaluation of the initial clinical training received at the DTCC allowed us to highlight some  disparities between the different disciplines. However, the most of our sample appreciates a clinical reorganization based on a problem-based-learning approach and considers it useful or even indispensable. Our respondents also suggest an open space organization for the new care center, where dental chairs are equipped for an overall patient
management, clinical control and better caregiving.

Conclusions: In light of this work, some strengths have emerged needed to be maximized and some weaknesses to be corrected, through a problem based-learning (PBL) and multidisciplinary education action plan, which was suggested to the DTCC board.