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The Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain Using Microcurrent Point Stimulation Applied to Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol

Armstrong K, Gokal R, Todorsky W, Joe Durant.

Introduction: Although microcurrent is widely used for chronic pain and stress management, as well as Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) as a popular approach for the treatment of pain, there remains considerable controversy as to their combined therapeutic value in chronic pain management. We aimed to determine the effect and magnitude that DC microcurrent therapy has when applied to BFA protocol and its effects on a wide variety of non-specific
chronic pain syndromes.

Methods: This was a cohort study analysis of treatment outcomes pre, post and 48-hour follow-up after Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) was applied to Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol on 40 patients with history of non-specific
pain. Evaluations entailed a Standard Protocol baseline (VAS) pain scale repeated pre-post and 2 day follow-up to electro-therapy on a N=40 sample size with a history of chronic pain.

Results: The VAS response of a N=40 patient sample with chronic pain electrical nerve stimulation Microcurrent Point stimulation reflected a statistically significant pre-post improvement in shows there was a statistically significant reduction of 4.4500 points or 69% reduction in mean pain levels post BFA protocol, when compared to initial pain levels [95% CI (3.6659, 5.2341; p=0.0001]. There was a non-significant increase of 0.1500 points
or 7% increase in mean pain levels at the follow up, compared to post treatment levels [95% CI (0.6106, -0.399); p=0.692] and a statistically significant reduction of 4.3000 points or 66% reduction in mean pain levels at the follow up, when compared to initial pain levels [95% CI (3.5787, 5.0213); p=0.0001].

Conclusion: The positive results in this study could will help establish the validity of MPS applied to BFA protocol for other pain conditions of the body.