Cardiology & Vascular Research


Newly Discovered Way of the Function of Cardio-Vascular System and the Latest Theory of the Development Hypertension and Other Cardio-Vascular Diseases

Vladimir A. Mikhaylov

Background: It is known that the power of the heart alone is about 3.3 W, and the length of the vessels is about 100,000 km. It made us doubt that with this power the heart can deliver blood to the capillary bed. Effects on the vascular wall of various modes of laser radiation (wavelength of 630-640 nm.) showed that if continuous radiation did not affect the parameters of blood pressure, frequency regimes had an impact. This leads us to the idea that the root cause of the development of different cardiovascular diseases is the system disturbance of the activity of the vascular pump leads to the increase of intra vascular pressure and the emergence of the hypertensive illness and the coronary heart disease. The local disturbances can cause various diseases depending on the organ where they develop.