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Sustainable Development through Solicitude: Review of a Field Health Project in Cambodia with Implications for National Policy

Ellen A. Herda, Valerie G. Dzubur.

A significant key to sustainable development in any emerging country is a healthy population. Now is the time for governments in such countries to not only build shiny new infrastructure, but also to assess and educate their population on how to care for themselves and others. This report on development work in Cambodia, related to type 2 diabetes, presents three aspects of our work: the concepts behind development activities guiding this project; the relationship between solicitude and development; and a field project review. In order to set a context for this development work, a short account of Cambodia’s recent history is presented. This account is followed by a discussion on development motifs and solicitude from the perspective of critical hermeneutics, and a report of project activities with implications for Cambodian national policy.