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Nursing Informatics Progression Theory: (NIPT) – The 4A’s of Adaptability

Cristina Cassano DNP, MSN, RN.

The purpose of the adaptability theory is to clarify the various fundamentals of information technology in order to explain associations between perceptions and behaviors and to generate the ability to competently transition to a greater working knowledge of technology. Adaptability is the process of becoming able to adjust to new conditions. The adaptability process involves four steps necessary in order for technology concepts to be disseminated to nurses in a fashion that they accept without challenge. The four steps (4A’s) for the Adaptability in Nursing Informatics Progression Theory (NIPT) are Assimilation, Acceptance, Application, and Advancement. The informatics progression theory was derived from nursing practice and education, and highlights the importance of increasing nurse's acceptance to translating technology information into practice. The theory is developed for nurses to absorb new information, gain a willingness to learn, and develop orientation towards new concepts. The 4 A’s of the adaptability theory will assist nurses in embracing the advancement of technology where nurses can better plan, deliver, evaluate, and collect data to support evidence-based practice, and improve patient safety and the quality of patient care.