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Chemical Bonding Character of Love Herbal Medicine: A Prominent Medicine Candidate for Preventing HIV Virus

Arend Mapanawang, Hendry Izaac Elim.

Anti-oxidant with a very high concentration of IC50 = 6.54 ng/ml extracted from zingiberaceae fruit (Halmahera Golobe) had made this local fruit a very good candidate for improving human health. Based on this finding, a medicine named as love herbal had been fabricated with a multitasking healing in human body problems. In order to analyze the physical working system of this medicine, one investigated the optical properties of it by using chemical bonding spectroscopy method. We obtain that such medicine has optical uniqueness behaviors contributed by 4 main types of chemical bonds named as N-H (Bending) at 1562 cm-1, C=C at 1697 cm-1, C C at 2070 cm-1, and C-H at 3013 cm-1 which might be closely in conjunction with multitasking healing of human body problems, for example in improving antibody protection of human body from cancer deceases, viruses problems, and the health of heart and liver. Such finding was then tested for handling HIV virus as a result with a new discovery that such virus can be reduced dramatically from ~8 million virus to be just about ~8000 virus as the concentration of the medicine increased.