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Electronics Physical System of Large Antioxidant Structure in Herbal Medicine based Zingiberaceae Fruit: Understanding and Application

  Hendry Izaac Elim, Arend L. Mapanawang.

In this present letter, we introduce an electronic physical system of a large antioxidant chemical structure based on herbal medicine fabricated using zingiberaceae fruit (Maluku Golobe) consisted of many different varieties mainly such as Halmahera rambutan Golobe, Halmahera original Golobe, and Ambon durian Golobe. A simple electronics circuit model as a prototype of nanoscale antioxidant structure with the size of 15 carbon atoms plus 2 oxygen atoms was employed to understand the highest antioxidant herbal fruit associated with highly carboncarbon bonding and carbon-oxygen bonding as well as its interaction with water, the remarkable substance in human body of the immune system. Such electronic physical system in herbal medicine is discussed with their prominent applications particularly as HIV herbal medicine. A brief discussion on how the large antioxidant system can handle HIV virus hiding inside the CD4 T cell of lymphocyte.