International Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Disease


Therapeutic Use of Guazulma Extract Ulmifolia lam of Northern Brazil

Paulo Antonio Rodrigues Gouveia.

This study aims to analyze the therapeutic use of Guazulma ulmifolia Lam extract as an AIDS treatment, describing the management of treatment performed in a clinical report. This work was a literature review. The case reported was a 35-year-old Mozambican, diagnosed with HIV virus in 2008, In March of 2017 she started using Guazulma
ulmifolia Iam extract for 30 days, and has since received successive negative HIV test results. It was concluded that the efficacy of Guazulma has been increasingly proven for the treatment of AIDS, with the advantages being a natural remedy, without any side effects, and there is no ethical-moral impediment to be applied in infected population.