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Effectiveness of the Community Health Nursing Workbook for Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

Ser Rosenkranz Gagnao Espartero.

This research and development study focused on the development, validation, and test of effectiveness of the Community Health Nursing Workbook. It utilized the descriptive – normative survey method in determining the content and validity of the workbook and pre-test and post-test research design in determining its effectiveness as an instructional material for teaching Community Health Nursing (CHN). Two groups participated in the study participated in the study: the first group consisted of 15 participants for the development and validation of the workbook and the second group consisted of 102 second year BS Nursing students who were considered for the experimental procedure of the study.

The validators rated the CHN Workbook as Highly Appropriate, High Comprehensive and Highly Usable. Other results revealed that the enumerated topics in the CHN Workbook were Highly Difficult, and so they should be included. This finding was shared by the Clinical Instructors, under Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order (CMO) # 30 curriculum. Moreover, the Clinical Instructors perceived that the given topics were extremely needed; therefore these topics should be included in the CHN Workbook per CMO # 14, series of 2009 curriculum.

The T-test showed that there was significant improvement in learning Community Health Nursing among the student nurses who used the CHN Workbook than those who did not use the CHN Workbook. Based on the findings, the study had drawn out the following conclusions: the topics in the Community Health Nursing are Highly Difficult and this necessitated the development of the CHN Workbook; these topics were also extremely needed per CMO # 14, series of 2009 curriculum, hence, they must be included in the CHN Workbook. The nursing students who used the CHN Workbook learn more and better than those who did not.

The study recommended that the CHN Workbook may be used not only at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University’s (NDDU’s) College of Nursing, but also in other Nursing Schools to further establish and strengthen its validity.