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Cultural Competence of Nursing Faculty of the LGBT Population

Meriam Caboral-Stevens PhD, RN, NP-C, Maria Rosario-Sim EdD PPNP-BC, RNOC, and Keisha Lovence DNP, ACNP-BC.

Background: Evidence suggested that nurse educators were ill-prepared to teach about LGBT. The purpose of this study was to assess cultural competence of nursing faculty of the LGBT population.

Method: A correlational survey design was used. The IAPCC-R was used to assess cultural competence of nursing faculty.

Results: 35 nursing faculty returned the surveys. Cohort consisted of 91% females, mean age was 51.5 (± 12.5) years, majority were married with 13 ± 12 years of teaching experience. The mean score on the IAPCC-R survey was 53 ± 8, indicating that nursing faculty were culturally aware of the LGBT. Of the five constructs of cultural competence, cultural desire was the lowest score. A negative correlation between years of experience and IAPCC-R was also found.

Conclusion: Findings showed that nursing faculty are culturally aware of the LGBT population. This study was one of the first quantitative studies that examined cultural competence of nursing faculty.