Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine


A Rare Case of Recurrent Caesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy after Wedge Resection of Caesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy

Lou Ying Yiing, Boret Tony and Awala Alero

The implantation of a pregnancy within the scar of a previous caesarean delivery is the rarest of ectopic pregnancy location. If it is diagnosed early, treatment options are capable of preserving the uterus and subsequent fertility. Diagnosis involves a combination of clinical symptoms, serology and ultrasound. Management of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy (CSEP) may involve medical or surgical treatment, or a combination. We reported a rare case recurrent CSEP after wedge resection of CSEP on a 31-year-old para 1 with previous caesarean section who was at 5 weeks of gestation. She underwent a combined surgical management with suction curettage under ultrasound guidance and medical treatment with methotrexate.