Diabetes & its Complications

Articles in Volume 1, Issue 2

Parallels between Insulin Resistance and Testosterone Resistance: Another Facet of the Metabolic Syndrome? - Syndrome Y

Malcolm Carruthers MD, FRCPath.

Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Development of Peripheral Angiopathy (Diabetic Foot) and Development of a Method of Complex Treatment with a Metabolically Corrective Drug

Dzugkoev SG, Mozhaeva IV, Margieva OI and Dzugkoeva FS

A Systematic Review of Culturally-Appropriate Population Strategies to Reduce Diabetes Burden among the Middle Eastern Population in New South Wales, Australia

Richard Sadig, Jason Abbas Aramideh, Khalil Bazzi and John Lahoud

Laparoscopic Butterfly Gastroplasty 2000 Cases and 10-years’ Experience

Essam Abdel -Galil, MD

New Horizons for the Ophthalmic Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema Post the Anti-VEGF Era

Richard R. Sadig, Hassan Lami and Daniel Moawad