Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine

Articles in Volume 1, Issue 3

Nab-Paclitaxel/Carboplatin Superior to Solvent-Based Paclitaxel\Carboplatin in Treatment of Advanced Stage of Cervical Cancer

Olimova Zilola, GOFUR-OKHUNOV Mirza-Ali and Abdullaev Aziz

Post-operative Quality of Life Assessment after Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

Jayasundara Chandana, Gunasena Asanka, Gihan Champika, Bandara Sajith, Dissanayake Kushangi.

Effective and Efficient Approach to Cervical Cancer Screening Education in Ethiopia

Gossa Weyinshet, Melaku Mesfin, Klyushnenkova Elena, Nigatu Balkachew, Bekele Delayehu, Khanna Niharika

Laparoscopic Management of Acute Abdomen Due To an Isolated Torsion Right Fallopian Tube Caused By Morgagni Hydatid Cyst in a Virgin Girl with 17 Years Old

Elmahaishi HA, Elmahaishi WM and Elmahaishi MS

Value of First Trimester Ultrasonographic Placental Localization in Prediction of Persistence of Low Lying Placenta in Cases of Previous Cesarean Section in a Tertiary Referral Center

El-Sayed El-Badawy Mohamed Awad, Osama Said El-Ashkar, Tamer Mamdouh Abdeldayem, Ali Sobhy Ali.

Electron Microscopy of Encapsulated and Solid Papillary Carcinomas, Is This an In-Situ or an Invasive Entity?

Silverman S, M.D

Virtual Sonographic Folliculoscopy for Monitoring of Ovarian Stimulation in “Poor Responder” Women Prepared for in vitro Fertilization

Tesarik Jan, Mendoza-Tesarik Raquel, Mendoza Nicolas.