International Journal of Oral Health & Dental Management

Articles in Volume 1, Issue 1

Ceramic laminate Veneers: A Minimally Invasive Approach for Tooth Esthetic Restoration

Ashwag Ali Showail, Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby.

Dry Mouth Remedy Alleviates GERD while Sleeping

Jeff Burgess.

Marijuana a Dental Dilemma

David Young BS, Allen Fred Fielding DMD, MD, MBA, FACS.

Assessing the Buccolingual Position and Angulation of Single Implants Restored in the Predoctoral Dentistry Program

Waad Kheder, Prof. Hasan Alkumru.

Finite Element Study of Fracture Strength of Two Different Resin Bonded Bridge Designs

Amr Touny Abbas, Enas Fateh Elbab, Manal Rafie, Mohamed Eldenary.

Assessment of the Efficiency of Botox and Lip Reposition in the Correction of the Gummy Smile According To the Patients' Satisfaction

Dr. Mohammad Osama Makkiah

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Hand-Washing among Dentists and Dental Students in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khawla Al Dubaikhi, Najd Al Eissa, Eida Shahin, Latifa Al Olah, Abdulrahman Al Saffan, Mohammed Abdul Baseer.