Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews

Articles in Volume 2, Issue 2

Characteristic of Ureteral Trauma in Tertiary Hospital from January 2005 until December 2016

Besut Daryanto, Thede Surya Putra, Paksi Satyagraha.

A Compelling Call for Mix of Modality Procedures at Chicago Meet

Sudhanva Char

Giant Acrochordon Arising from Scrotum: An Uncommon Presentation

Evi Mustikawati Arifin, Astrid Laurentia Harianto, Suswardana.

Constraint-induced Movement Therapy, Neuroplasticity, and Upper Extremity Motor Recovery after Stroke

Ibrahim Ali Almoghassil.

Effects of Air Pollution on the Autonomic Cardiac Modulation: A Literature Review

Juliana Regis da Costa e Oliveira, Luis Henrique Base, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Rodrigo Daminello Raimundo, Celso Ferreira.

The Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain Using Microcurrent Point Stimulation Applied to Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol

Armstrong K, Gokal R, Todorsky W, Joe Durant.

Neonatal Postoperative Nutrition after Surgical Treatment of Digestive Atresia: Realities in Madagascar

Rakotondrainibe Aurelia*, Randriamizao Harifetra MR, Razafindrabekoto Lova DE, Rakotoarison Nicole RC.

Beat Overweight, Reduce Obesity - Sustainable With Diet Based On Cold- Pressed Juices?

Marion Eckert-Krause.