Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews

Articles in Volume 2, Issue 3

An Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Joseph P. Leahy.

Typhoid Glomerulonephritis in a Child: A Rare Complication of Typhoid Fever

Mohammed Beshir, Dulce Maria Garlobo Rosales.

Case Series of Herpes Zoster in Children; Ultraviolet as a Trigger?

Evi Mustikawati Arifin, Nindasari, Suswardana.

Kinetics of Sulforaphane Supplementation in an Immortalizedhuman Keratinocyte (HaCaT) Cell Line Exposed to UVB Irradiation

Huda Mohammed Al-barnawi.

Incisional Endometriosis: A Clinical Case Report

Bárbara Luchi Montebeller, Arthur Andrade Alves, Rodrigo Neves Ferreira, Antonio Chambô Filho.

Lack of Association between TRP Gene Polymorphisms and Complication of Medication Overuse Headache in Migraine Patients

Masaaki Ishibashi, Hideyo Kasai, Hirotaka Katoh, Masakazu Ishii.

Use of Weighted Exercise and Gait Training To Improve Function in the Ataxic Patient: A Case Study on a Patient with Acute Motor-Sensory Axonal Neuropathy

Mathilde DeGraff PT, DPT, NCS, Holly Battsek PT, DPT, NCS.

Lightning in a Bottle: Harnessing Bioelectrogenesis in Microbial Fuel Cells for Electrical Generation

Tanner Ash, Elizabeth Doyle, Godfrey Ssenyonga, Cassie Kraham and Sean ScottFaculty: Judy Staveley* and Adil Zuber